PHP vs Python: whom to choose for web development

Like I used to say in programming, anything can be done with anything. That is why when you want to start a new project the choice of the language is very crucial. Web development is very popular today. If you want your project to be...


Get notify by Telegram in case of error on your Django application

As you already know (or not [mkd_icon icon_pack="font_awesome" fa_icon="fa-smile-o" size="mkd-icon-tiny" custom_size="" type="normal" border_radius="" shape_size="" icon_color="" border_color="" border_width="" background_color="" hover_icon_color="" hover_border_color="" hover_background_color="" margin="" icon_animation="" icon_animation_delay="" link="" anchor_icon="" target="_self"]) I am a fan of Django and I built a lot of my projects with it. Between other...

Django documentation

How to make a django admin docs

Django is a great framework for web development in python. And the more I work with it the more I like it. One of the think I love with it is the fact that it provide a highly configurable admin interface. In few lines of...

Django avec nginx et uWSGI

Deploy Django project with nginx and uWSGI

I'm a fan of python, I find it cool, simple, elegant. When I wanted to start my first project, I searched if they exist a framework for web development with Python. That's how I found Django and I used it for my first project (Hachther...