How to develop a Mautic plugin: MVC – Routes

Welcome to the lesson II of the series Develop a Mautic plugin. If you have not read the previous article I highly recommended you to do it (you can find it here). Mautic is based on Symfony which is a MVC PHP framework. So, develop...


Get notify by Telegram in case of error on your Django application

As you already know (or not [mkd_icon icon_pack="font_awesome" fa_icon="fa-smile-o" size="mkd-icon-tiny" custom_size="" type="normal" border_radius="" shape_size="" icon_color="" border_color="" border_width="" background_color="" hover_icon_color="" hover_border_color="" hover_background_color="" margin="" icon_animation="" icon_animation_delay="" link="" anchor_icon="" target="_self"]) I am a fan of Django and I built a lot of my projects with it. Between other...

Django documentation

How to make a django admin docs

Django is a great framework for web development in python. And the more I work with it the more I like it. One of the think I love with it is the fact that it provide a highly configurable admin interface. In few lines of...


How to develop a Mautic plugin: Getting Started

When I launched my first application, I wanted an open source tool for mailing (I am huge fan of open source tool). After some research I found Mautic an open source platform for marketing automation. I immediately fell in love with it because it have...

MongoDB Cluster

How to deploy a MongoDB cluster (version 3.4)

I worked on a project theses days on a project based on MongoDB. The project was to allow a customer to have have his account history (all transactions he have made) on nearly real time in telco environment. Due to some reasons we have choose...


How to measure the bandwidth speed on his VPS

You want to buy a VPS? Here are the parameters you must take in consideration: RAM, hard drive, CPU and also the bandwidth speed up and down. Some providers offer a GUI to monitor your VPS’s resources, but others do not. In the second case,...